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General Information

The Fanshawe Yacht Club & Sailing School is located on Fanshawe Lake in London, Ontario. In December 1952, the Fanshawe Dam was completed to control the flooding of the Thames River, thus creating Fanshawe Lake - the home of our club. The lake offers exiting sailing opportunities and the sailing school offers certified Learn to Sail courses for both adult and youth students in a fun and beautiful environment. This page offers you the opportunity to register to become a member of our Sailing Club. If you become a member, you will have access to the club, its amenities, and a welcoming group of people. You do not need a boat to become a member as you can crew with boat owners or lease a boat from the club. As a member you can go for a sail on the lake at anytime. If you are a boat owner you also have the option to store your boat at the club for a small fee. NOTE ! New for 2019 is that UTRCA car and boat passes must be purchased at the main gate. Be sure to bring your FYC 2019 membership card and the swipe card you used last year. UTRCA personnel will reactivate your card for the 2019 season. Lost cards can be replaced for a $10 fee.

01) Membership New Member Initiation

MANDATORY SELECTION, if you were not a past member of FYC. Waived for crew and youth members and past sailing school graduates.

02) Membership- Owner Member / Corporation Member

Membership for person or corporation registered as an owner or part-owner of a boat(s) at FYC. Must be 18 years of age or older. This is a voting membership.

365 days

03) Membership- Sailing Member

Membership for persons not registered as an owner of a boat used at FYC. Must be 18 yrs old or older. A Sailing Member may lease sailboats through the FYC Boat Leasing Program. This is a voting membership

365 days

04) Membership- Crew Member

Membership for persons who wish to partake in club events but not in the general operation of the club. This is a non-voting membership. No initiation fee. May lease FYC boats. Must be 18yrs of age.

365 days

05) Membership- Youth Member

Membership for: Youth from 14 to 25 years of age and attending school on a full-time basis; (NO INITIATION FEE) This is a voting membership.

365 days

Club Boat Leasing

Option where you can use the sailing school CL-14 boats, if not in use by the Sailing School. Available only to club members.

Season runs from approx. May 1 to mid September

Large Boat Trailer Parking north lot

Limited to mooring and shoreline users. Available only to first 25 members to pay for and move trailers into area. Only available in designated area. Fee will be refunded if no space remains.

Approximately . April 15 to Nov 15 2019

Storage Fees - Dinghy + trailer parking

Available for small boats with trailer. Total weight under 1000 lb. See member book for special conditions.

1st boat

2nd boat

Storage Fees - Moorings

Available for members with larger boats who do not wish to launch before each sail. Mooring location will be determined by Harbor Master.

1st boat

2nd boat

Fanshawe Yacht Club Membership

Fanshawe Yacht Club Membership

N5V 5K4 Huron Heights, London

Fanshawe Yacht Club & Sailing School