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01) Membership New Member Initiation

Mandatory Selection if you were not a past member4 of FYC. Waved for associate and youth members and past sail school graduates  **WAVED FOR 2021**

02)  Owner Member

Membership for person registered as an owner or part-owner of a boat(s) at FYC.

Must be 18 years of age or older. This is a voting membership

03) Associate Member

Membership for persons not registered as an owner of a sailboat used at FYC. Must be 18 yrs old or older

An Associate Member may lease sailboats through the FYC Boat Leasing Program. This is a non-voting membership.

NEW THIS YEAR. May bring and store one hand powered watercraft subject to storage fees.

04) Youth Member

Membership for: Youth from 18 to 25 years of age and attending school on a full-time basis; (NO INITIATION FEE)

Storage Fees Dingy plus trailer parking

Available for small boats with trailer. Total weight under 1000 lb. See member book for special conditions.

1st boat

2nd boat

3rd boat

Storage Fees Mooring

Available for members with larger boats who do not wish to launch before each sail. Mooring location will be determined by Harbor Master.

1st boat

2nd boat

Storage Fees Shoreline

Available to members who wish to store their boats tethered to the shore or on their personal dock. Members are responsible for their own docks.

1st boat

2nd boat

Storage Fees Small boat Rack

Available to members with very small boats (Canoes, Kayaks, PD Racers etc.) No trailers

1st boat

2nd boat

3rd boat

Large Boat Trailer Parking North Lot

Limited to mooring and shoreline users. Available only to first 25 members to pay for and move trailers into area. Only available in designated area. Fee will be refunded if no space remains.

Club Boat Leasing

Option where you can use the sailing school CL-14 boats if not in use by the sailing school .

Available only to club members. Sailing proficiency must be proven.

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